We turnData and Experiences– Into Company Value

Our mission is to elevate awareness, push boundaries, and provide adaptable and pragmatic solutions tailored specifically to your needs. We believe that progressive organisations prioritise people over profits. They value diverse perspectives and empower individuals to explore, own, and innovate their work. By placing people and processes at the forefront, we collaborate with clients to achieve impactful outcomes through tailored development, strategic planning, and facilitated communications. Together, we discover your unique “way to be.”

Donna - Consulting ManagerPhD| MAOE| Grad Dip Higher Education| Grad Dip Education| BA

I spent my childhood playing sport, roaming the bush, fossicking, and exploring the backroads of Australia from the unenviable middle back seat. My childhood forged in me a desire to learn, an appreciation of the unexpected, and a recognition that even with the worst seat, you can have great experiences.

With WTB I enjoy the challenge of identifying actionable and informed solutions that meet our clients’ and partners’ needs and aspirations. A big part of that involves taking the time to understand our clients’ contexts, and then supporting people to find their ways to navigate the ever-changing landscapes we all operate in.

My life experience means I hold a desire to do things well; and recognise that we can achieve so much more when we work together.

What do I strive to contribute? – An enquiring mind, a search for quality, practical and informed experience, and a desire to help our clients build something that can last and benefit us all.

Chris - DirectorPhD| BARM (Hons)

I am enthusiastic about working with people to empower and transform their leadership capacities and interpersonal and organisational skills. For the last 30 years, this has been my passion and interest at work and in my own leisure. Over that time, I have worked in sport, recreation and community development to identify pathways for personal, professional and industry success – and I continue to find ways to support the next generation of managers, leaders and workers to see excellence in their endeavours.
I have always been driven to the actualisation of individual and organisational potential. We spend so much time at work and in corporate settings – why should it not be rewarding, empowering, engaging and relevant for all people involved?

What do I strive to contribute? – To help you make that difference.